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Unlock New Revenue Streams with Our Pay Per View Solutions

Hawaiʻi’s Number One Pay Per View Service Keeps Getting Better!

Live Pay Per View Statistics from live streaming an event online.

Customization: Tailor your campaigns to fit your unique needs.

Cost-Effective: Maximize your ROI with our budget-friendly options.

Sold-Out No More: Extend your reach beyond physical tickets by live streaming sold-out events. To avoid selling out your tickets hire us and we will live stream your event growing your audience.

Benefits of Pay Per View Advertising

Targeted Reach: Reach your ideal audience with advanced targeting options.

Budget Control: Set your budget and adjust it based on performance.

Real-Time Analytics: Monitor your campaign’s success with views, likes, emails, social shares. 

Flexibility and Scalability: Easily scale your campaigns up or down based on your needs. 


Platform Compatibility: Accessible on computers, phones, tablets, and Smart TVs.

User-Friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive, designed for viewers.

How It Works

Sign Up: Make sure you’re signed in to your account.

Choose Your Event: Navigate to the Pay Per View event you’re interested in.

Purchase: Follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

Watch: Receive an email confirmation with a link to watch the event.

Local Support: Our support team is here to assist you.

Case Studies/Testimonials

“This service has revolutionized how we produce music videos and reach a larger audience for our artists.” – Jonathan Humphries, Lōʻihi Studios

“The reach into the community has been incredible. More people now watch our Hilo Idol event online than in person.” – Levi @levi.tationentertainment, Event Producer.

Pricing and Packages

Create Small Business Video Ads: Ideal for small businesses. $3,000 includes three camera setup with two operators for up to 2 hours. Includes basic post-production editing and ad placements.

The Team: Designed for professional event producers. Starting at $5,000 5 cameras, 3 person team, premium post-production

Enterprise: Custom solutions for large operations.

All packages come with one year custom video channel + hosting for one year.

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