Video Advertising (LIVE and Post Production)

Elevate Your Brand with Localized Video Advertising

An example FPO image of a live event with local live video running over the live event.

Choose Hawaii Watch Live For Your Video Advertising Needs

    • Local Focus: We specialize in reaching a local audience that is hyper-local, ensuring your message resonates where it matters most -not in the ʻŌkole.

    • High Engagement: Video ads are proven to capture more attention compared to traditional advertising mediums.

    • ROI Driven: Our strategies are designed to offer the best return on your investment.

    • Hyper-Local Expertise: We are Locally Owned and Operated. The details we put into your custom channel make a huge difference over traditional and mainland advertisers.

    • SEO Excellence: Our ability to create search engine optimized, semantic web pages ensures that you rank higher than the competition.

Welcome to the Future of Online Advertising

    • Google Chrome no longer allows third-party cookies.

    • When Google Adwords and social media let you down, we connect you with a Larger Local Audience

    • Local advertising targets customers in your immediate area.

    • Build brand awareness within your community.

Capture More Attention

    • Video content is more engaging than text or images alone.

    • Increase the likelihood of your message being remembered.

Super Local Targeting

    • Reach niche local markets with precision.

    • Utilize geo-targeting to speak directly to communities that matter to you.

SEO and Semantic Web Pages

    • Your video ad and ad channel are local-optimized for search engines, giving you a competitive edge.

    • Semantic structuring ensures better ranking and visibility. Details matter.

Our Services

Video Production

    • Pre-planning and Scripting
    • Filming and Live Streaming On-Demand
    • Post-production and Feature-Length Editing

Ad Placements

    • Local TV spots
    • LIVE Events
    • Online platforms
    • Social media

Analytics and Reporting

    • Performance tracking
      ROI analysis


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