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Engage with a Larger Audience Through Live Streaming Services

Live streaming two events simultaneously on mobile devices

Elevate Your Business Presence with Live Streaming
Live streaming offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with a wider local audience, placing the spotlight firmly on your event. At [Your Company Name], we simplify the process, ensuring your audience can easily get in touch with you during the live event.

Overview of Our Live Streaming Services

We manage every aspect of live streaming your event. Collaborating with local production companies, radio stations, or your in-house team, we ensure your event is streamed live on, Facebook, YouTube, and even your own website. Our comprehensive service takes care of all the details for you.

The Live Streaming Process Explained

Starting with a thorough needs analysis during your initial consultation, we cover every aspect — from timeframe and location to lighting, sound, and both pre and post-production needs. With over a decade of experience in producing and streaming live events across Hawaiʻi, we prioritize high-quality production to effectively promote your business.

In the lead-up to your event, we’ll work closely with you and your team, reviewing your script and integrating ourselves as a crucial component of your production team. This collaboration ensures the highest quality live stream on the day of your event. Our services extend to post-production editing for a high-impact rebroadcast and embedding sponsor messages to enhance your event’s reach.

Affordable Live Streaming Video Costs

Thanks to technological advancements, live streaming is more affordable than ever. We provide customized estimates based on the unique requirements of each event, considering factors such as the number of cameras, microphones, and the anticipated audience size. Explore licensing and partnership opportunities to further optimize costs, and consider a Pay Per View option to maximize online ticket sales.

Get a Custom Estimate from Hawaii Watch Live

Eager to learn more? Contact Chris Febo at (808) 936-4171 or fill out the form below to email our team. We’re ready to bring your event to life and connect you with a larger audience than ever before.

Looking to engage your audience even further? Discover our Live Streaming Services to complement your video advertising strategy and maximize your reach. Together, these services can provide a comprehensive digital marketing solution that enhances your brand’s visibility and impact.