The Monetary Foundations of a Spacefaring Species – Armen Papazian

The Monetary Foundations of a Spacefaring Species – Armen Papazian

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Abstract This lecture will explore and discuss the key structural, institutional, as well as theoretical and mathematical transformations necessary for a sustainable human civilisation capable of sustainable outer space development and exploration. The lecture will also address the main reasons why our current efforts, however valiant, will struggle to deliver the results we seek without the key transformations necessary to unlock our spatial potential from a monetary and financial perspective. It will cover and expose the current shortcomings of our monetary system and financial value framework and mathematics, which together define our markets and investments, and explain our current predicament. Biography Dr. Armen Papazian is the author of ‘Hardwiring Sustainability into Financial Mathematics’ (2023) and ‘The Space Value of Money: Rethinking Finance Beyond Risk and Time’ (2022) and a Founder and Director of the Space Value Foundation, an advocacy platform that campaigns to embed sustainability into the very core equations of finance. He is a financial economist, author, consultant, and innovator with a track record in global finance, and more than 20 years’ experience in sustainable finance, capital markets, and analytics. Armen is a Doctor of Financial Economics from Cambridge University, a thinker and practitioner who brings extensive advisory experience for financial institutions and markets with research into both the academic and practical aspects of sustainable finance challenges.

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